Sunday, August 28, 2016

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Lifeguard Services

  Lifeguarding Activities

The Lifeguard Service Division is the most visible unit of the Ministry of Tourism.  The personnel of this unit are highly skilled and trained professional swimmers.  Their primary goal is to ensure the safety of individuals in aquatic environments.  This goal is approached through two main avenues.  The first is by active protection on the nations beaches.  The second, and probably more important, is through water safety training and education.

Due to their training, ability, proximity and equipment the members of this unit are often involved as first responders in situations such as road accidents, pregnancies, search and rescue, and cliff rescues, to name a few.

 Beaches Patrolled
Blanchisseuse (only on long holiday weekends)
    Las Cuevas
Los Iros 
 Hours of Operation
All the above beaches (except Blanchisseuse) are manned during the hours of 10:00AM to 5:30PM daily inclusive of weekends and public holidays.  Blanchisseuse is only manned during long public holidays.
 Ambulance Service
The Ministry of Tourism Lifeguard Service Division are able to provide ambulance service at Maracas Bay, Manzanilla Beach and Salybia Beach during operating hours.