The CTO Sustainable Tourism Awards 2017

The Caribbean Tourism Organization (CTO) is pleased to announce: The Caribbean Tourism Organization’s (CTO) Sustainable Tourism Awards for 2017. The awards recognize individuals, groups, organisations or companies in any of the CTO Member Countries which have developed responsible and unique tourism products or are engaged in implementing sustainable tourism related initiatives which embrace sustainable tourism concepts and core values.

  1. Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Award.
  2. Destination Stewardship Award.
  3. Sustainable Accommodation Award.
  4. Community Benefit Award.
  5. Heritage Protection Award.
  6. Biodiversity Conservation Award.
  7. Special Agro -Tourism Award.

Stakeholders must submit their completed applications directly to the Ministry of Tourism via email address at no later than Monday 22nd May, 2017 at 3.00 p.m.

Stakeholders interested in categories (2) to (7) listed above, should submit their completed applications directly to the CTO online via the link: If you wish to enter more than one category, separate applications must be submitted addressing the specific criteria.

The CTO advises that the product/initiative should have been in operation for at least two (2) years.

  • Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Award

    Stakeholders who are interested in applying for the Excellence in Sustainable Tourism Award must ensure that the product/initiative contributes to a better quality of life in the destination and provides a unique visitor experience. There will be two nominations submitted for this award – one from Trinidad and one from Tobago. Each submission must cover five (5) key areas of tourism sustainability selected from amongst the following (A- I) areas:
    • A. Environmental Management including but not limited to initiatives focusing on water (fresh and wastewater), energy conservation/renewable energy, solid waste management
    • B. Terrestrial or Marine Area Planning and Management
    • C. Destination Stewardship: sustainable tourism management in destinations
    • D. Local Community Involvement highlighting any training, management mechanisms and benefits provided
    • E.  Heritage Protection: cultural, built and natural heritage (including flora and fauna)
    • F.  Education: staff training, communication, service excellence and public awareness
    • G. Safety and security: visitors and staff
    • H. Financial Sustainability
    • I.  Partnership: multi-stakeholder support to economic, environmental or social initiatives

  • A completed nomination form;
  • A general description of no more than 150 words on the product/initiative and a maximum of 1,500 words for Category 1 applications and 1,200 words for Categories 2-7 applications on how it contributes to tourism sustainability using the criteria provided for the respective category as a guide; and
  • A maximum of four photographs (4 MB max. each), a website link and a 2 minute video may also be submitted as supporting material.

  • Please see the attached document (CTO - Sustainable Tourism Awards) or visit the following link at: for a full description of Awards, Entry Rules, Judging Criteria, and Recognition.
    Should you require any additional information, kindly contact Mrs. Kavita Santokhie-Ramrattan, Tourism Education Officer at 624-1403 – Ext: 542 or alternatively, via email at or Ms. Jameela Martin, Tourism Officer at 624-1403 – Ext: 516, or alternatively, via email at

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